Patriot Coalition is a non-profit organization without special-interest funding.  This means that we rely exclusively on volunteers to accomplish our mission of “restor[ing] constitutional governance to the United States of America and preserv[ing] it for our descendants.

Our volunteers help us do this in various ways such as:

  • Researching bills, regulations, laws, & rules.
  • Writing articles, white papers, resolutions & bills.
  • Teaching other volunteers, citizens, & politicians.
  • Organizing and/or leading events, rallies, & projects.
  • Participating in online and social media education campaigns.
  • Seeking, recruiting, training, and electing citizen politicians.
  • and more…

We need committed volunteers who share our vision and understand that restoring Constitutional governance requires more than just reacting to the most recent inflammatory story from the news.  We are always looking for volunteers who have the patience for what promises to be a long-term fight and  understand the value of a proactive strategy.

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