Patriot Coalition is a non-profit organization without special-interest funding.  This means that we rely exclusively on volunteers to accomplish our mission of “restor[ing] constitutional governance to the United States of America and preserv[ing] it for our descendants.

Our volunteers help us do this in various ways such as:

  • Researching bills, regulations, laws, & rules.
  • Writing articles, white papers, resolutions & bills.
  • Teaching other volunteers, citizens, & politicians.
  • Organizing and/or leading events, rallies, & projects.
  • Participating in online and social media education campaigns.
  • Seeking, recruiting, training, and electing citizen politicians.
  • and more…

We need committed volunteers who share our vision and understand that restoring Constitutional governance requires more than just reacting to the most recent inflammatory story from the news.  We are always looking for volunteers who have the patience for what promises to be a long-term fight and  understand the value of a proactive strategy.

Fill out our form below to volunteer with us and we will get back to you once we know how you can best help us accomplish our mission!

Volunteer Sign up

Please let us know your availability to help us defend our God-given liberties and Constitution.


Please complete our personality survey. The questions are intentionally worded humorously so you don't think too hard about them. Please choose the description that comes closest to describing you.

Public Speaking
Attention to Detail

Below, please check the skills or expertise you possess. Don't see your skills listed? Send an email to with your suggestions.

Audio/Visual Ability to capture, cut, edit, and/or produce video or audio segments for use on the internet or DVD.
Experience with various communications devices: set up, operation, repair, etc.
Communication Tech
Ability to create eye-catching designs and layout for print, video/flash, or internet
Creative Design
Stays abreast of current events in government affairs..
Current Events
Trained as an Election Judge for elections.
Election Judge
Experienced in financial matters such as accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, controllers, Accounts Payable or Receivable, budgeting
Good at painting a picture of the importance of fighting against threats to our sovereignty and Constitution
Stays abreast of current events in government affairs..
Current Events
Can identify opportunities on which to capitalize.
Intelligence Gathering
Can navigate around the internet. Understands how to fill out online forms and has a working knowledge of different types of online communities (social media, blogs, forums, email lists, etc)
Internet Savvy
Active or Former Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
Background in legal work from paralegal, prosecutorial, defense, civil, criminal or otherwise.
Has experience paying visits to politicians' offices to request/demand action on various issues they can influence.
Have a mind for anticipating what items will be needed at events. May include permits, water, signange, tables, office supplies, etc.
Training as an Emergency Medical Technician, Nurse, Physician's Assistant, or Doctor
Active Duty or former Military Service
Good at setting up systems to make events or organizations run smoothly and with as little effort as possible. Have ability to plan events with attention to details. Includes brainstorming and scheduling.
Event Planning
Stays abreast of political developments. Has an affinity for the details of legislation proposed. Familiar with the various candidates and their principles.
Political Watchdog
Trained as a poll watcher for elections
Poll watcher
Has experience in public speaking,writing press releases, knows how to represent an organization to the media, can generate interest through public venues
Public Relations
Has good "people skills"; has an inate ability to know which "buttons to push" to motivate or generate interest
Skilled in identifying potential security issues and offering solutions. May also be comfortable providing physical security for events.
Safety / Security
Experience with graphic design, programming, website or app development
Highly Technical

Please check the assets that you could make available to the Patriot Coalition if needed. Don't see your asset listed? Send an email to with your suggestions.

Do you have access to a color laser printer we can use?
Color Laser Printer
Are you a current or retired airline or railway employee with access to companion passes that our staff can use?
Companion Passes
Do you have an extra room that our staff can use if we're in your area? This would be a non-smoking arrangement and would allow us to save money and operate on the few donations we receive.
Spare Bedroom
Do you live less than an hours drive of an airport?
Near Airport
Mobile projector to display powerpoint presentations at meetings.
Mobile Projector
Speaker and microphone for events.
PA System
Do you own/operate your own Truck/Trailer
Truck & Trailer
Do you have a spare vehicle that our staff can use if we are in your area? This would be a non-smoking arrangement and would enable us to save money on rental cars.
Spare Vehicle