Over 200 years ago, a handful of men and women with courage
founded the greatest nation the world has ever known…
…today, a coalition of patriots with courage is needed to save it.

Our mission is simple:
Patriot Coalition seeks to restore constitutional governance to the United States of America and preserve it for our descendants.
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Chopping at the Root

Sometimes it is so frustrating scrolling through all of the social media out there full of the latest unbelievable act of this politician or that branch of government.

It is frustrating because recounting and underscoring the wrongness of these acts, or testifying to how angry it makes you, or spending time creating memes about them does nothing to solve the problem. While sharing news stories and commentaries with your fellow citizens is important, we have far too many of these social media "pundits" out there and not enough analysts, planners, and principled leaders.

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A Republic...if you can keep it!

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

These were the words Dr. Benjamin Franklin replied on the final day of deliberations at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 when asked about the type of government the delegates had created. Franklin was clearly alluding to the fact that a republic does not stand on its own; rather, it can only be maintained by an involved and informed citizenry. Only recently, more than two centuries later, does the largely apathetic population of the United States recognize the magnitude of Dr. Franklin’s sage words.

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